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Your Side Of The Bed

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Your Side of the Bed

By Mark Zembal, Adam Armijo, Brandon Chase

I’m listening to you sleep
Laying here counting sheep
My mouth got in trouble again
I said some stupid stuff
You said you heard enough
Doghouse is becoming a trend
And by the way you’ve got them pillows positioned
It’s sayin' do not disturb under any condition

But I think there’s something we can do
Let me cozy up to you
Show you what good love can do
On your side of the bed
There ain’t no need to talk
Let my fingers take a walk
Making up is better instead
On your side of the bed

Misdemeanors, felonies
Giving me the 3rd degree
Why you gotta’ be so cold
You know that I am kinda’ dumb
My brain’s a little numb
Maybe you could grant me parole
But by the way you got them covers positioned
It’s like you got me locked down in a Mexican prison

Come on babe I didn’t mean to be a fool
Don’t you know how much I love you,
I’m a fool for you… …there’s gotta’ be something
Hey, there’s gotta’ be something we can do …
There’s gotta’ be something Baby, Baby
A little somethin' somethin'

(Chorus Out)
There’s gotta be something – on your side of the bed