The Roadkill Rodeo Story

Five miles past a heartbreak, a few dirt roads past a memory, sitting on the shoulder just past the county line is where you’ll find Roadkill Rodeo. Songs that ring true with experience and make you remember – or forget. Melodies and lyrics that grab you by the hand and the heart, and beg you to sing along. Lyrics that make you smile or put a lump in your throat – sometimes at the same time. New country for
old souls. 

Roadkill Rodeo was founded by Mark Zembal in 2017. After releasing a few singles along the way, 2021 brings the first full-length album – “Rusted Regrets” – a collection of 11 poignant memories, joyful triumphs, a few broken dreams, and an occasional heart ache. 

People have asked where the name came from. Well, the Roadkill part is a metaphor for the moments in your life when the world runs you over and you have to find a way to pick yourself back up off the gravel and move on. But the Rodeo part of that is kind of like the celebration in the sorrow or struggle – and represents the friends and people who come along to lift you up and get you through those times. In our case, it’s also the variety of great talent brought in to be part of this fun ensemble. Given modern recording technology (and in light of a COVID reality), bands are no longer bound by geography or time zones. People riding in this Rodeo come from all over – Manchester, Nashville, Phoenix, LA, Toronto, and Salt Lake. It’s also why you’ll hear several different people singing lead. There are a lot of stars in this rodeo: 

Mark Zembal – Piano, Organ, Keys, Synth Bass, Vocals, Harmonies, Producer 

Gene Best – Acoustic Guitar 

Adam Armijo – Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass 

Chad Martin – Acoustic and Electric Guitars 

Henry “Nigel” Harris III – Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Mandolin 

Andre Frappier – Electric Guitar 

Stephen Carey – Vocals, Harmonies 

Brandon Chase – Vocals, Harmonies 

Jacob Morris – Vocals, Harmonies, and Acoustic Guitar 

Mel Brown – Bass 

Thomas Dupree III – Drums and programming 

John Herrera – Drums, Tracking, Mixing, Producer 

Al Rowe – Mixing, Mastering, Producer 

Each contributor brings extensive touring, writing and recording experience – and applies it to each Roadkill Rodeo song. Interesting ways of looking at the world informed by life lessons and some painful road rash along the way. From an unexpected turn of phrase to a subtle harmony to a complete plot twist in the final verse, the group is meticulous in crafting each song with care. 

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Welcome to Roadkill Rodeo – we hope you stick around.